Rieger Begonia

Keeping A Rieger Begonia

The rieger begonia resembles a rose. It comes in a variety of colors and you can even find them with tinged colored petals. They are a beautiful addition to any garden area and they can also be kept inside the home. Instead of only flowering once a season, the rieger begonia produces blooms all year round. They can brighten up a winter day adding a pleasant splash of color whether they are placed in the garden area or the home.

These plants have glossy foliage and large dark green leaves. The blooms look very similar to roses and they come in a variety of colors that include red, pink orange and white. They are known to have darker patches of color that appear on the top of each petal. The petals can have two colors, one that appears in the middle of the petal and a lighter color that lines the side of the petal.

These plants are perennials but if they are inside plants you may have trouble with the plant blooming again. You can either place the plant in the garden or just purchase a new plant. This plant can reach up to 18 inches in height and it is considered a tuberous type of plant. If you have been thinking about purchasing a rieger begonia, there are few other things you can do to keep the plant healthy.

You can decide if you are going to be keeping the plant inside or outdoors. The rieger begonia is a bit picky when it comes to climate. It does not prefer to be in excessive heat and it should be kept in temperatures that are 65 to 75 degrees. It doesn’t like too much heat and will die if temperatures remain at 90 degrees or over. Even though it is listed as a tropical type of plant, it does best in cooler temperatures. But at the same time, if temperatures go below freezing for more than a few days, it also can die. So make sure your climate is safe for this plant.

Another thing this plant cannot stand is direct sunlight. But it does need a bit of light everyday. So a mix of sunlight and shade is perfect. Make sure that when it does get light, it isn’t in the afternoon. Morning light is very good but afternoon light is much hotter. Place it in an area that only receives early morning light. It the plant is placed in direct sunlight it will scorch the leaves and the blooms.

Watering this plant can be difficult. When it receives sunlight, the soil quickly becomes dry and it must be watered everyday. But it has a delicate root system that can easily become damaged by too much water. If you intend to plant the rieger begonia outside, place it on a slight hill. Make sure the water never pools around the bottom of the plants or near the roots. If you are planting more than one, space them 14 inches apart and plant them on a raised row. There should be shallow trenches on either side of the plants to collect the excess water. If you plan on keeping them indoors, you can keep them healthy by using a pot with holes on the bottom for water drainage. You can place a plate under the pot to catch the excess water. If there is a bit of extra water, empty it. Do not let the pot sit in the water.

The rieger begonia is a bit difficult to take care of. But once it is established and you become accustomed to taking proper care of it, you will have a beautiful plant for your home or outdoors.