Begonia Flower

Using the Begonia Flower in Your Wedding

Begonia flowers can add a touch of beauty to your big day. When planning a wedding, one of the most important details is the flowers. For both bouquets and decorations, the flowers can set the mood and help to tie the ceremony in with the reception.

The Begonia flower comes in a variety of colors, including pink, white orange and red, so they are a good fit for many weddings. Remember, all of your colors do not have to “match”, they just have to “go.” That means that if your main wedding colors are blue and silver, you do not need to choose all blue flowers. Instead, you need to choose flowers that go well with the blue and silver. In this case, you could choose white begonias with a touch of red.

While Begonia flowers make a nice addition in many bouquets, where they can really shine is as décor both at the altar and the reception. They make beautiful potted plants that can liven up the altar and serve well as pew markers.

At the reception, large pots can be placed on the floor and, if desired, smaller pots can be placed on various tables, such as the food or cake table.

Speaking of cake, the Begonia flower looks great on a wedding cake. Whether real flowers or sugar flowers that look like the real things, Begonias can make your wedding cake even more beautiful.

Another fun way to include the Begonia flower in your wedding is to have a flowering plant as the centerpiece of each table at the reception. You can then allow the guests to take them home. If you want to be sure that every guest gets a Begonia, you could you use a very small plant as a favor, placing one at each place setting.

Of course, the size of the Begonia plant would be dependent of the use.  For example, you would want a very large plant for use on the altar, but a very small plant for use as a favor.

While Begonia flower plants might seem a strange wedding favor, keep in mind that these plants are fairly easy to grow and maintain. That means that your guests will be able to have a living reminder of your wedding.

One bride, who was looking for an inexpensive favor idea, placed Begonia flower seeds into small, inexpensive clay pots. She then wrapped each pot in tulle and tied off with ribbon. Her guests were then able to plant those seeds and the bride had a favor that cost a fraction of placing plants at each place setting.

Because the Begonia flower is often quite small, it is a good idea to use the flower as an accent in your bouquets, rather than as the main event. The flower is delicate looking and, when used properly, can add a punch of color.

Whether used in the bouquets, the decorations, as favors or for all three, Begonia flowers can add a lovely touch to your wedding day.