Begonia Bonfire

Need to Spice Up the House? Try a Begonia Bonfire!

The versatile and low maintenance begonia bonfire is an ideal home plant with a sensational color combination. While people enjoy having it inside the house as decoration, it is equally well suited as an outdoor flower in any garden, balcony or terrace. If conditions are right, the begonia bonfire will bloom in only 4 to 6 weeks! The blooming period begins in spring and can expand all the way to early frosting seasons. This was tested in countries such as France, Netherlands, Great Britain and Ireland. The first discovery of the begonia bonfire was made by a group from New Zealand who collected different types of flowers in both sub-tropical regions as well as higher mountain terrains. After 10 years of breeding, the begonia bonfire was finally created and ready for the gardening market. It is really a cross of various begonia types to create the characteristic bright orange blossoms that resemble the begonia boliviensis.

This plant is native in the mountain regions of Argentina and Bolivia, thus is used to cloudy weather and very humid conditions.

The result and new type of begonia, "begonia bonfire" is particularly stunning due to its large number of flowers and the striking orange and red color combinations. In fact, at first they seem like chilies and really add some spice to your garden or home!

The leaves have a zigzag rim which is also slightly red, and they are almost completely covered by blossoms throughout the summer. Overall, the plant grows to be a neat-looking bush and is relatively low-maintenance. It can grow in sunny or shady areas, does not need a lot of care and has no particular preferences in terms of soil or temperature. If you live in a warm climate zone, you can leave the begonia bonfire outdoors over the winter period; otherwise they have to be kept indoors or planted again in the spring which is very easy.

As mentioned earlier, the begonia bonfire is ideal both for indoor and outdoor planting, but it needs some space (large pot) and it cannot grow entirely sun-free. It is better to keep the plant in full sun than in full shade. Thus, for indoor growing it is best to locate the pot near a sunny window.

While the begonia bonfire is simply astonishing to look at and is truly a color explosion, it does not have any scent. It is therefore more a visual plant and primarily made for decoration. On the bright side, an odorless flower can come in handy when you want to avoid insects and pest - there are not many insects that are attracted to the begonia bonfire, and the only thing that can really go wrong is over watering which will cause the plant to die.

As humidity is important, the soil should always be damp, but it is crucial to avoid excessive soaking or flooding. Other than that, there is really nothing to take care about and the begonia bonfire grows fine just by itself.

A great decoration idea is to plant the begonia bonfire in a container which hangs from the ceiling. The plant will not only grow in height, but it will also grow towards the floor and hang beautifully until it covers the container. In the end, it looks like a tropical bush is growing from your ceiling, and it really adds a nice touch to any room or balcony. Similarly, if you happen to have a gate or pergola outside, this plant will be ideal to grow along it and decorate it without attracting a massive amount of insects.